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German DDOS Hacker Jailed for Gambling Extortion

June 21, 2011 |

german hacker jailed gambling extortion

A german hacker has been sent to prison for 2 years and 10 months for a DDOS extortion scam against online gambling sites that coincided with the World Cup in 2010. The hacker threatened
to bring down certain gambling sites at a time when these sites generate a significant volume of betting on the World Cup games. The german citizen was ordered to pay damages of over
$500,000 after being convicted of running a scam against six prominent online betting sites.

Three of the targeted online betting sites paid a combined total of roughly 5,000 euros, which pales in comparison to the $500,000 in damages that the hacker must now pay to the government. This is the first legal case against a hacker that has threatened a DDOS attack against online gambling sites. Hackers continue to disrupt government sites within the United States and other popular web sites but they haven’t gone after any other online gambling sites. However, it may be just the matter of time. Speaking of other sites... a friend of mine told me about an attack on the keyword "brand name paper towels". This is a janitorial supply website that sells to both wholesale and retail customers. Their SEO is doing something right since they rank very high for paper towels. However because of their high ranking they have had several attempts to breach their email lists. None have been successful. But they are beefing up their security against e-mail bombs, DoS attackes, viruses, and worms as well as training their customer service people to be cautious. E-commerce life out there in the web fraught with dange.


MicroGaming Launches Live Dealer Blackjack Games

January 24, 2010


MicroGaming has announced that it is releasing a new “Live Dealer” blackjack game, at all of its online casinos. The live dealer games at MicroGaming casinos will be streaming actual land casino operations instead of simulating them in a video game.

Their is one interesting new features in the “Live Dealer” black games. These games come with Bet Behind where you can place a bet behind another players position. This enables a player watching the game to place a bet alongside of a wagering player. The sitting player makes all of the decisions, which leads to a perfect opportunity for novice players to piggy back their bets on a more experienced blackjack player.

Bet Behind is something that you’ll find at land-based casinos and it’s an annoying interference to the game, but it’s a perfect opportunity at an online casino, because the software keeps track of all of the bets and whose placing which bet and where.

Now you can play live blackjack, roulette, or baccarat in any of MicroGaming’s online casinos. The live dealer games have been audited and approved by eCOGRA, and it’s Seals Compliance Committee. Tobias Adamson, Head of the Live Studios at Microgaming, said, “Microgaming has always been at the forefront of gaming innovation. We are committed to providing players with an enhanced gaming experience and are constantly working with our operators to ensure that our games are inventive and entertaining.”



PayPal Re-Enters Gambling Market

August 3, 2009 |


PayPal has decided to re-enter the online gambling market. It has been their long-time policy against processing online gambling payments, but they are now accepting payment from residents of the United Kingdom.

Surprising to some, they have lifted the ban on UK residents to instantly deposit funds into any casino or poker room. Their is speculation in the gambling industry that PayPal is gearing up to process gambling transactions for U.S. citizens, once the UIGEA is overturned and online gambling becomes legal in the United States.

It is clearly a good sign that companies like PayPal anticipate that online gambling will be legal within the United States by lifting their gambling ban.



Sega Games To Launch Online Casino In October

September 10, 2009


It has been reported through internal contacts that Sega Games Ltd. will be launching their own online casino and poker room sometime in October. Sega Games is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Sega Corporation. The new online casino and poker room will be using it’s own proprietary software. This news will definately be exciting for casino players as well as video gamers, because Sega is one of the top companies when it comes to video gaming and they could change the casino industry.

It will be interesting to see how they incorporate their video game characters into the online casino games. One of the most popular Sega characters is Sonic the Hedgehog, who is considered one of the most popular video game characters in the history of video gaming, and he even outranks Super Mario. Players will definately be looking forward to playing a video slot machine featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and seeing him run across the slot reels. We can only hope that Sega plans to develop new online casino games with special effects from a video gamer’s perspective.



William Hill Is Moving To Gibraltar

August 3, 2009 |

William Hill and other UK-based casino companies are growing tired of the excessive tax rate that they are paying for online gambling operations in the UK. The company is expected to announce later this week that they will be moving their online gambling operations to Gibraltar.

This move will come as a major blow to the UK government because it will mean millions of pounds in lost revenue each year. Also, other UK companies will most likely follow suit and move operations offshore. UK online casinos are paying 15% tax to operate within the United Kingdom.

One major problem is that it’s much harder for William Hill and other UK operators to remain competitive when their competition faces alot less tax and operating costs offshore. Some of the offshore casinos pay as little at 1.5% tax on their online gambling profits.

William Hill has been outperforming Ladbrokes and other online gaming companies on the London Stock Exchange, but Party Poker is still the leader when it comes to UK-based online gambling operators.





PokerStars Snowfest Main Prize Goes to Aussie Player
July 31, 2012 
15 players cash in NZ$3,000 buy-in event

The past week was a good one for Australian player David Allan, who took home NZ$110,600 as a reward for being the best out of 149 players who took part in the 2012 PokerStars Australia New Zealand Poker Tour Queenstown Snowfest main event.

The NZ$3,000    July 31, 2012 



Full Tilt Players To Be Paid Eventually
July 31, 2012
Full Tilt Players To Be Paid Eventually

Rumors say that players might have their money before Christmas this year

News broke on Friday that a long-awaited solution between Pokerstars and the US Justice Department had been hammered out and that it could lead to the acquisition of Full Tilt Poker and the payment of its owed players in [ more ] 




Problematic Guaranteed Prize Pool at Live-Online Tournament
July 31, 2012 No Comment
Problematic Guaranteed Prize Pool at Live-Online Tournament

The question being whether $20 million ISPT prize pool is really guaranteed

The inaugural event of the ambitious International Stadiums Poker Tour managed to attract great publicity with their 30,000 player project, mostly based on the guaranteed prize pool of 20 million Euros.

Meanwhile the story started circulating that the prize pool [ more ]




American Players Continue to Fight for their Right to Play Poker
July 31, 2012
American Players Continue to Fight for their Right to Play Poker

The US government pulled the plug on online poker more than a year ago with the events of Black Friday but American poker players are looking to get back in the game.

Poker Players Alliance is a group comprised of over one million members who are actively fighting for their poker [ more ]




eGaming Review Proclaims Jackpotjoy Slots Site of the Year

Prestigious award for famous venue

On Nov. 30, 2011
eGaming Review held its annual awards dinner where it distributed its awards for the year, three of which ended up in the hands of Jackpotjoy $ndash; including one of the most prestigious ones: Slots Site of the Year.




New Bingo3x To Launch In 2012
December 8, 2011

The New Year will kick off with a new online bingo, Bingo3x. As the site is preparing to go live, the bingo community anxiously awaits its arrival.

This bingo hall plans to live up to its name with 3x$s the excitement than many other online sites. Seems as if they are [ more ]




Mandalay Media XBingo Joins QuickFires Client List
December 7, 2011

Microgaming-powered action as an addition to bingo action

It has been announced this week by Mandalay Holdings Ltd that its XBingo site will be using QuickFire’s casino software solution.

This means that XBingo players will be able to enjoy a great deal of Microgaming-powered games, various new bonuses and incentives, and bigger [ more ] 


Britains Next Bingo Star Competition Begins!
December 7, 2011

New Promo by Bingo Cams

The latest novelty at UK bingo site, Bingo Cams involves a search for talented chat hosts in the UK, to join the brand. What those who thing themselves fit for the job need to do in order to apply is to upload a You Tube video [more]



ChitChat Bingo – 4000 Live Xmas Tree
December 3, 2011

Everybody is a winner this December with ChitChat Bingo!

Here is one of the best online bingo promotions you will find this christmas period. ChitChat Bingo are really sharing the wealth with a massive $pound;4,000 in bingo player value, added to their superb Bingo Party Live Room.

This December, all the [ more ]